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The survey that allows a large number of responses quickly, smoothly and from the desired audience!

Web panels are a relatively new, but above all, growing form of data collection method. Web pages can quickly collect large amounts of data from respondents from around the world through surveys. Due to the fact that respondents provide some information about themselves when joining a web panel, it is possible to make specific selections in a way that is not possible with any other form of collection.

Website surveys are suitable for several different types of issues: investigating products, markets, analyzing public opinion. They are also used by researchers to investigate, among other things, hypotheses and, for example, willingness to pay studies, which refers to how much consumers are willing to pay for a particular treatment/product. The survey factory carries out many willingness to pay studies at various universities and colleges in Sweden.

Enkätfabriken has access to web panels in many parts of the world. In total, there are over 10 million potential respondents in our network of panels. The survey manufactures only panels that comply with ESOMAR’s guidelines and comply with industry standards (ISO 26362). The cost of our panel surveys is based on the number of complete answers and the length of the survey.

Here’s how we work with web panels:

“Enkätfabriken works with high-quality panels. Most of our customers are universities and colleges conducting investigations where panelists are recruited through probability surveys.

– Enkätfabriken manufactures a selection that suits your target audience in order to answer what exactly those you want to think about. “As the respondents are already available, the collection period is short and delivery of results is fast.

– We program the web kits and manage the data collection – you only need to receive a database and / or report with final results.

– For transparency and high reliability of web panels, course selection, response rate and failure are reported.

“Our own panel, the Learning Barometer, reaches around 10,000 participants in the school system, such as teachers, principals and educators.

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