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Being aware of how both pupils and parents view the school is important for both individual schools and municipalities. It is a prerequisite for being able to effectively develop and improve activities.

Enkätfabriken performs pupil and parent surveys on behalf of both municipalities and individual schools. Enkätfabriken’s model for pupil surveys is based on the company’s guiding principle of delivering flexible, good quality surveys at every step. Enkätfabriken therefore adapts both questions, collection method and analysis according to the unique conditions that apply for each individual commission.

This is how we work with pupil and parent surveys:

– We help you to produce a set of questions that is suitable for your municipality or school and formulate questions which produce a reliable measurement of what is important.

– Pupils or parents are given the opportunity to participate in a way that suits them best. In our school surveys, we work with both paper questionnaires sent through the post, online questionnaires with a login for each class, and telephone interviews depending on which is most suitable in the particular situation.

– After the collection we perform thorough analyses and present both how satisfied parents and pupils are and what aspect it is most important to develop in order to increase their overall satisfaction.

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