Travel survey

A travel survey can constitute an important cornerstone in systematic work to deliver sustainable travel and transportation. The results can, for example, function as the point of departure for production of targets, measures and action plans for sustainable travel. The results can also be used as instruments to follow up ongoing work on travel and transportation and also to monitor developments over time. The survey can be conducted in relation to both a sample of local residents and employees in a municipality or a company.

Enkätfabriken’s model for travel surveys is based on delivering flexible, good quality surveys at every step. Enkätfabriken therefore adapts both questions, collection method and analysis according to the unique conditions that apply for each individual commission.

This is how we work with travel surveys:

– We help you to produce a set of questions that is suitable for your municipality or organization and formulate questions that produce a reliable measurement of what is important.

– The participants are given the opportunity to participate in a way which suits them best. In our travel surveys, we work with both paper questionnaires sent through the post, online questionnaires and telephone interviews.

– After the collection, we perform thorough analyses and present experiences of travel in the municipality using diagrams and maps.

– We geocode data from the survey, which enables us to show how the inhabitants move about in a municipality and what trips are made with different types of services.

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