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Your tenants are those who have the best knowledge about what works well and what needs to be developed in your rental properties. By focusing on just what makes satisfied tenants, general well-being can increase.

In Enkätfabrik’s tenant surveys, we help you to gain access to your tenants’ perception of their accommodation. By asking questions tailored to your company, you will get answers to what the tenants think.

In our surveys, we also find out what areas customers think is most important and what thus affects their satisfaction most. Setting the results against each other creates a clear picture of what your company should invest in to effectively get even more satisfied tenants.


Here is how we work with tenant inquiries:

– In our tenant surveys, we always create a unique survey that is tailored to your business
– Through cost-effective collection with a guaranteed anonymity, the collection can be done costly and smoothly.
“With the help of statistical analysis, we measure both how satisfied your tenants are and what is most important to improve to increase their overall satisfaction. This makes it easy for you to make the right decisions on how to develop your properties.

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