Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews have numerous benefits, above all, they produce a good response frequency and a relatively short collection period. To ensure that a telephone interview delivers as reliable a result as possible, high requirements are also placed on the interviewer. Enkätfabriken consequently sets higher requirements on expertise for our interviewers than most other survey companies. For example, all our interviewers have studied methodological courses at university level and thereby have an important understanding of their own role in a survey.

Enkätfabriken’s interviewers also undergo internal training based on both practical experiences and research surrounding how telephone surveys should be conducted.

We work consciously to create the best conditions for the participants in our telephone interviews, with the aim of obtaining the highest possible response frequency.

This is how we work with telephone interviews:

– We send out SMSs which give the participants the opportunity to schedule their own times for interviews through responding with a simple message

– We use gifts to non-profit organizations as incentives for participation and adapt the choice of recipient organization to the relevant target group

– The best guarantee for participation is a short survey. We therefore work actively to formulate the questions as clearly and concisely as possible

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