Enkätfabriken delivers surveys in a variety of areas and for a large number of customers. It is important for us to be able to take care of the entire chain in an investigation. Therefore, we help our customers with everything from planning and design to collection, implementation and analysis. One of the collection methods we offer is surveys via paper surveys and of course we also do the following scanning!

Have you conducted an investigation and need help with after-work and scanning of the answers? We provide our customers with management, scanning, loading and digitization of postal survey. We handle scanning projects on both smaller and larger scale, with several quality measures as well as after-processing of data.


Here’s how we work with scanning surveys:

– We provide help with the entire scanning process. This means that we can stand for receipt and handling of postal surveys as well as for analysis and compilation of results.

– We handle loading, exporting and analyzing data according to your wishes and always guaranteeing the highest quality.

“Our method of operation enables each individual survey to be traceable both physically and digitally.

– If necessary, we can also assist in questions concerning the design and design of postal surveys.


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