Postal Questionnaires

Postal questionnaires are a secure and beneficial collection method in surveys with a large target group and a wide sample. To ensure a reliable result, it is vital that the questionnaire’s design is easy to understand. At Enkätfabriken, we therefore work with the graphic design of questionnaires and accompanying letters based on research into how the graphic design can improve the response frequency and reduce the risk of misunderstandings or incorrect inputs on the part of the participants.

Enkätfabriken works with established printing firms with many years of experience and high capacity to be able to guarantee high-quality material at a competitive price. Our previous projects include surveys with everything from a few individual questionnaires up to tens of thousands.

This is how we work with postal questionnaires:

– Enkätfabriken handles the entire process, from the design of mailouts to printing, collection and scanning of the results.

– Enkätfabriken prints unique outer envelopes with the client’s logo and Enkätfabriken’s sender address so that the recipients know who is behind the mailout at the same time as any returns are made to the right place.

– Enkätfabriken uses advanced optical inputting of the paper questionnaires.

– We use video-controlled matching of questionnaires and recipients when enveloping questionnaires, which makes misfeeds practically impossible.

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