Our Products

Enkätfabriken supplies polls within a large number of areas. We can take care of the entire process from design of the survey to implementation and analysis. What is important for us is being able to answer the customer’s questions through good value surveys with a high level of quality. Click on the links below to read more.


Satisfaction Measurements

Employee survey

The reason for everything a company or organization can accomplish is the employees and the effort they make.

Customer survey

The best way to find out what makes your customers happy is to listen to the customers you already have.

Tenant survey

Your tenants are the ones who have the best knowledge about what needs to be developed in your rental properties.

Net Promoter Score

With our NPS service, you get a continuous insight into your customers' satisfaction.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Should your employees recommend you as an employer to others?

Guest survey

So, you retain those guests you already has and can to win new loyal customers.

Universities and Colleges

Universities and Colleges

Enkätfabriken's ambition is to be the obvious partner for collection projects for universities and colleges.


Enkätfabriken manufactures various types of Polls.

Postal Questionnaires

Is a safe and beneficial collection method in surveys with a large audience and a wide selection.

Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews provide a good response rate and a relatively short collection period.

Online questionnaire

Allows you to quickly reach out to a large number of people.


We help you with scanning surveys.

Market survey

Market survey

It is important to have a good foundation to build on when it comes to making decisions concerning future initiatives.

Brand survey

Your brand is the key to how you are perceived.

Teacher survey

A web-based survey panel with teachers from all over Sweden, developed together with Lektion.se

Web panel

Survey that allows a large amount of responses quickly, smoothly and from the desired target group.

Public sector

Public sector surveys

Knowing how citizens perceive your business is crucial to knowing what priorities should be made for important decisions.

User survey: school

Knowing how students and parents look at the school is a prerequisite for effective development and improvement of the business.

User survey: care and welfare

Insight into citizens and users' attitudes is important in order to know which parts of an activity should be developed.

Travel survey

A travel survey can be an important cornerstone of a systematic work on sustainable travel and transport.