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Online questionnaires are an ideal tool in surveys where the client has a relationship with the people who are to be questioned. Online questionnaires are therefore a beneficial choice of collection method in, for example, employee, customer and member surveys.

The solution is both cost-effective and simple to implement as the tools make it possible to rapidly reach out to a large number of people. Enkätfabriken works with an advanced tool for online questionnaires which enables the collection to be both simple for the participants and moreover secure and reliable.

This is how we work with online questionnaires:

– Enkätfabriken uses a pedagogical and clearly designed online questionnaire tool which reduces the risk of incorrect inputs.

– We use unique links and codes for all participants so that we can send reminders to those who have not responded.

– To make it clear to the participants who the sender is, we use the client’s logo and color idiom.

– We apply clear guidelines to ensure anonymity and always present this to the participants.

– We arrange various kinds of incentive gifts in e-format, such as gift vouchers and lottery tickets.

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