Net promoter score

How customers perceive your company is not just important in that every organization wants to have satisfied customers. The fact is that there are few marketing methods that are as effective as recommendations from former customers. It is therefore important to safeguard those customers who spread your good reputation.
Likewise, it is also crucial that any negative experiences customers have had dealt with and rectified in order to avoid negative judgments.
Our NPS service gives you a continuous insight into your customers’ satisfaction, as well as the likelihood that the customers would recommend you. Furthermore, our online tool provides your customer service with the opportunity to make direct contact with the customers who respond that they are not satisfied, or would even advise friends and acquaintances against using your company.
Enkätfabriken offers benchmarking for Net Promoter Score within certain industries, where we can report how you stand in relation to your competitors and how the market changes over time.

This is how Net Promoter Score functions:

NPS is based on the question ”how likely is it that you would recommend company X to a friend or colleague?” A Net Promoter Score is obtained by taking the percentage who respond that they would not recommend the company minus those who respond that they would do so.

One point above 0 shows that you have more customers who would recommend you than those who would possibly advise others against engaging you, however, pronounced growth requires that you obtain a better NPS than just above zero.

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