Member survey

For a member organization, everything is based on the members’ wishes and involvement. It should therefore not be thought that the same structure and questions are applicable in a member survey as in a study targeted at customers or staff. Enkätfabriken has beneficial experience and knowledge surrounding the special conditions that member organizations have to work in accordance with, and we design our member surveys based on the associations’ unique premises.


Our member surveys have the aim of charting the members’ involvement and their view of the organization and their potential involvement in its activities. Our member survey contains a set of questions that you can use, but we also help you to formulate questions that are right for precisely your specific organization.


Based on our set of questions, you can obtain knowledge about:

– The members’ view of their own involvement

– The members’ perception of the organization’s activities

– How the members view gifts

– Members’ understanding of and knowledge about the organization’s work and focus

– How the members’ voluntary involvement can be increased


We work with a range of methods to collect the members’ responses and tailor a solution that corresponds to your conditions and needs.

Our advanced statistical analysis provides you with a report including:

– A satisfied member index that enables comparisons over time and between different regions or districts

– Clear action matrices which identify the association’s strengths and development areas

– Our member survey contains unique reports for every district or region with local figures and comparative figures for the organization as a whole