Market survey

It is important to have a good foundation to build on when it comes to making decisions concerning future initiatives. Having the right perception of how consumers in your market view you and your competitors is a prerequisite for success.

Enkätfabriken’s market surveys enable your company to obtain the necessary data that is required to make the right priorities and choices.

At Enkätfabriken we can help you to investigate the space in the market and demand for a product or service that you are considering launching.

We also have a tool to review local demand in regions where you are thinking of establishing your operation or measuring what effects your advertising has on people in your selected target groups and much besides.

This is how we work with market surveys:

– We use the collection method that is most suitable for the commission. This enables us to both measure the opinions among people in 140 countries and decipher what your potential customers are thinking.

– Through advanced methods we can measure potential customers’ preferences and willingness to pay.

– We can chart the view of your company in comparison with your competitors among people in your target group. This gives you both a picture of how your company is perceived and how you distinguish yourself from your competitors.

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