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Everything in the service sector revolves around the guests’ experiences. Being able to utilize their perceptions of your services is, therefore, an important key in operating a successful business. It enables you to retain the guests you already have and win loyal new customers.
Enkätfabriken’s guest surveys help you to gain access to your guests’ unique knowledge of your operation. In our surveys, we also ascertain which areas the guests think are most important and, accordingly, what has the greatest impact on their satisfaction. A clear picture is thus created of what your company should focus on to effectively create higher satisfaction.
Our ongoing surveys also enable us to send questionnaires when the guests have checked out and give you the opportunity to monitor satisfaction in real time.

This is how we work with guest surveys:

– We always create a unique set of questions for our guest surveys that is adapted according to your company’s operation, focus and values.

– We always use the collection method that is most suitable to reach your guests, regardless of whether it is online questionnaires, paper questionnaires in the hotel or questionnaires via SMS.

– We measure both how satisfied your guests are, and what it is most important to improve in order to increase their general satisfaction. This makes it easy for you to make the right decision on how to develop your services and products.

– We provide a portal to continuously monitor your guests’ satisfaction.

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