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The basis for everything a company or an organization can achieve is its staff and their contribution. To be able to live up to the potential that is present in the organization, it is therefore important to create an environment where the employees feel themselves to be involved and consider that their view of their own work situation is taken seriously.
Enkätfabriken’s employee surveys are designed to both provide knowledge about how the employees perceive their work situation and about what is most important to improve their view of it. Enkätfabriken’s employee surveys are based on both research and experience derived from having conducted a large number of surveys.


This is how we work
with employee surveys:

– We have preformulated standard questions from which you can choose, and we also help you to formulate new questions, which measure what is important in your workplace. This provides you with a set of questions that are adapted to your particular operation.
– The data from the staff is collected using the method which is best for your company. In our employee survey, we work with both online questionnaires and paper questionnaires or a combination of the two.
– After the collection, we perform thorough analyses and present both how satisfied the employees are with different aspects of their work situation and which of these aspects has the most influence on their overall satisfaction.


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