Employee Net Promoter Score

eNPS stands for Employee Net Promoter Score and is a method that measures how willing employees are recommending their workplace to others. One of the main advantages of eNPS is that it’s a quick and easy way to find out employees’ loyalty and dedication.

eNPS can be described as the employee survey’s equivalent to the NPS method, which is often used in customer surveys. Like NPS, eNPS is going to measure employee loyalty through a single question: how likely are you to recommend your employer to others?

With our eNPS service, you get a continuous insight into your employees’ satisfaction as well as the likelihood that they would recommend you as an employer to others. The survey company offers benchmarking for the Employee Net Promoter Score in certain industries. There we can tell you how you stand against your competitors and how the workplace changes over time.


Employee Net Promoter Score


Here’s how Employee Net Promoter Score works:

eNPS is based on the question “How likely are you to recommend your employer to others?”. By taking the percentage that replies that they would not recommend the company minus those who respond they would do it, you will receive a Employee Net Promoter Score.
A score of 0 indicates that you have more employees who would recommend you than those who might advise others from working with you. For significant growth, you need a better NPS than just over zero.

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