Customer survey

Your customers have a unique insight into how your company and your services and products are perceived. They also possess valuable information on how you can develop and improve what you offer in order to both retain them as customers and win loyal new customers.

Enkätfabriken’s customer survey helps you to gain access to the knowledge possessed by your customers. Through asking questions adapted to your specific operation, we can create a clear picture of the customers’ perception of your company and what you offer. Through statistical correlation analysis, we can also give you clear information about which factors have the greatest impact on your customers’ general satisfaction and what you should therefore prioritize in making changes.

This is how we work with

customer surveys:

– We always create a unique set of questions in our customer surveys that is adapted to your company’s operation, focus and values.

– We always use the collection method that is best suited to reach your customers, regardless of whether it is telephone interviews, online questionnaires or postal questionnaires.

– We measure both how satisfied your customers are and what it is most important to improve in order to increase their general satisfaction. This makes it easy for you to make the right decision on how to develop your services and products.

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