Enkätfabrikens CSR-policy

Enkätfabrikens main ambition is to deliver surveys that lead to social development. Therefore, for the survey factory, it is assumed that a society-based approach permeates both the company and the work we carry out.

As a result of the company’s ethical attitude and social development vision, the survey factory chose from the outset not to co-operate with alcohol brands or companies whose main sales in tobacco, online casinos and the weapons / war industry. The survey company also chooses not to work with companies with environmentally harmful activities or companies whose activities may be offensive or perceived as unethical.

Enkätfabrikens Coroprate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy was established in 2017 with the purpose of clarifying and developing the company’s ethical guidelines and social responsibility. CSR is intended to define the company’s responsibility for the impact of its own business on society. The design of a CSR policy followed the value base of the survey factory in 2016.


The purpose of the CSR policy is:

  • Strengthening the survey of the survey company. This is done by highlighting in various ways the social responsibility the survey company takes and the benefit of society contributes through high quality surveys and societal development.
  • To strengthen the environmental commitment by always evaluating environmentally friendly alternatives. We work to offer and develop efficient service practice with the least possible climate and environmental impact. The survey company’s goal is to continually develop environmental work within the company.
  • To strengthen the Enkätfabrik’s employee involvement by creating an attractive workplace that takes into account employees’ individual needs for development and working conditions.
  • Strengthening the involvement of Enkätfabrik’s other stakeholders. This by ensuring good transparency in the business and counter discrimination, and working for democracy and social development.


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