Brand survey

Your brand is the key to how you perceive. By examining what your brand is associated with, you can get an idea of how you can work to improve it.

When we design brand surveys at the Enkät factory, we will prepare the draft in consultation with you. Both qualitative interview surveys and surveys can be included as few as clear as possible.

We also map the positive and negative values that the respondents associate with your brand and put them in relation to how they generally look at your brand. In this way, we can create a picture of how you can act to strengthen your brand in the most efficient way possible. The survey participants may be your customers or a focus group similar to your customers, depending on your wishes.

Here’s how we work with brand surveys:

“We can create a brand index where you can see changes over time.
“We carry out high-quality analyzes.
“The survey factory provides a smooth implementation with our web-based service, which makes our products affordable.
– We deliver reports that are easy to understand and analyze.

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