About Enkätfabriken


Erik Granberg and Daniel Sturesson registered Enkätfabriken as a company on the 2nd of December 2009. The company, which was set up by two friends with different interests, one in figures and the other in words, started as a spare time project but rapidly grew into something bigger.

Now, some eight years after the start, the company has ten permanent employees, ten or so part-time interviewers and offices in Göteborg and Lund. In recent years Enkätfabriken has enjoyed growth of around 40 per cent per year. An important key to the company’s success is that ever since the outset the founders’ ambition has been not just to run a company but to work with surveys that they believe in and that make a difference.

This passion for surveys characterises the entire organisation and has consequences for how the company works. One such consequence is that Enkätfabriken always adapts every part of a survey process according to each customer’s unique needs. Instead of moving towards more and more of the standardization, which the industry in general is opting for, Enkätfabriken has decided to look how each part of a survey can be delivered in a way that makes the results as relevant and useful as possible for the client.


Another consequence is that Enkätfabriken does not take commissions on behalf of customers in industries in which the company does not support such as gambling, alcohol, tobacco and the arms industry. Instead, Enkätfabriken’s customers include interesting companies within a range of sectors, municipalities, authorities, universities and non-profit organisations.

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