5 techniques that raise the response rate

There is no universal solution to achieve a good response rate and / or that works for all types of surveys. Studies have different conditions depending on factors such as selection and subject area. This requires the choice of method and technology to be adapted for each specific survey.

However, there are some techniques that should generally be kept in mind when designing, planning and conducting a survey. Important to consider is that:

  • Clearly highlight the company behind the survey, as it creates credibility.
  • Analysis of current target group before examination.
  • Good graphic design that is easily navigated regardless of platform.
  • Offer the survey in different languages.
  • Focus on inner motivation of the participants.

People are more likely to accept a request if they feel it comes from a trustworthy organization. Therefore always mark the brand behind the survey. If you see the organization as an authority, with the authority to gather information, even the feeling that one’s privacy will be protected in the investigation may be strengthened.

Always analyze current audience to determine which techniques work best on it. This should be done before the survey is being designed. The graphic design should always be designed so that the questionnaire is easily accessible, easy to understand and easy for the respondent to implement. According to Self-Determination Theory, internal motivation gives the respondent greater involvement and is thus also the most important factor in achieving a high response rate.